Chen Yinn, a Taipei-based DJ, has moved onward as music producer after releasing his debut 7-track EP “Sports Brain” under High Note Record in 2014.

Chen Yinn is best known as a veteran DJ on the Taipei nightclub scene, founder of Chiching Records, Ting Ting Disco collective and an author of the online radio broadcast Catnip Breaks. As a DJ, he has played music around various cities in Asia such as Shanghai, Osaka, Hong Kong and Nagoya.

In January 2016, an LA-based movie director Tim Jieh shot a documentary film < DJ Chen Yinn > introducing Taipei club music scene as a DJ and music producer. Once the film got released in May, it has already earned high compliments from music media and music producers in both Taiwan and California.

In 2017, He founded record label “Chiching Records” with Taiwanese DJ/ producer Yella Tee. In June 2018,he moved to Warsaw, Poland for continuing his music passion.

Soon after, He released his brand new EP “I Wanna Give My Love” under Chiching Records, which commissioned two original tracks and three remixes from Bay-Area beats prodigy RITCHRD, California-based producer Holodec and iconic Taiwanese DJ and musicians Lim Giong and DJ Point (Aspiration Music Productions) in further dancefloor explorations of the outer confines of his sound.


New Balance Shanghai /  Boffi Taiwan / Plan B / E21 Magic Media / EDO LO Film /Stüssy Taipei / Stüssy Seoul / Bentely Home Taipei / Taipei City Hall / HRC Dance Studio / 2Many Sounds


陳 潁  Chen Yinn  
PL +48 882 858 365
TW +886 987 888 666


Passionate about all things about music. Technology driven.

For the past 8 months I have been working as a manufacturing manager developing new pro-audio and DJ products, many of which have been released to the mass market. My goal in developing a new product starts with the competition and tiering the specification to dilutetheir market share.

Then comes action and ensuring every deliverable is met throughout the many stages of development. Lastly comes support to provide necessary on-site inspection aids and manufacturing plan for factories in Taiwan and southern China.

I am skilled in a number of areas, including Adobe Creative Suite, music production, podcast creation and editing, digital audio technology, and many other professional audio hardware products and software programs.

My Master degree has allowed for courses in art directions, communications, cultures, and a variety of other areas. I am technically savvy but lean toward the marketing aspect of business related activities and I am specifically interested in Music Management.

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  • Music Production & Composition
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • DJ Performance
  • Graphic Design, Motion Graphics