ALBA 2016 CF
Commercial Score

ALBA 2016 "型"篇 (DIR)
Agency - 普陽廣告
Production - STEEZ FILM / 迪斯製作
Director - EDO LO
Gaffer - 建成 小賴
Best boy -
Cinematographer - DA PUNK WU
Associate cinematographer - AZhe LIN
2nd Associate cinematographer - 小剛
Producer - Tommy
Associate Producer -
Editor - Syun Huang
Text n Latout design - Ico Chen
Digital Colorist - 凱欣(意像)
Music Producer - CHEN YINN
Artist - 劉以豪
Associate General Manage - 阿孟
Account - 乃祥 Dana
Art - Joe chen
Client - SEIKO TAIWAN / 台灣精工

ALBA 2015 CF
Commercial Score

Client - SEIKO TAIWAN / 台灣精工
Director - EDO LO
Music Producer - CHEN YINN
Artist - 劉以豪

9m88 - Plastic Love 12" 
Mixing & Mastering

‘Plastic Love’ Mixing & Mastering by Chen Yinn
Avaliable on 20.12.2017
©2manysounds 2017

Sports Brain 

Chen Yinn’s debut 7-track EP <頭腦體操 Sports Brain> released by High Note Records, Chen Yinn gets support from Sound Cook Studio, DJ Sugar and ill Mo from Tripoets (Taiwan's legendary Hip Hop Trio), and Mr. Zhao (Rhyme Animal).

Yinn is one of the most sought-after producers in the Taiwanese Hip Hop music scene, with collaborations featuring some of Hip Hop music’s most influential people. He continues to evolve as a unique voice and talent in dance music with compositions displaying complexity and depth.

Released June 30, 2014

出品人 Publisher : 周舒涵 Bebe Chou
企劃統籌 Project Director: 周舒涵 Bebe Chou
製作人 Producer : 陳潁 Chen Yinn
助理製作 Co-Producer 張崇義 Zhang Chung Yi
後製工程 Engineer : 張崇義 Zhang Chung Yi
錄音/ 混音 /母帶後期製作 Recording /Mixing / Mastering : 聲廚工作室 Sound Cook Studio

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